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History in the making

Rutherford Fields has a big story to tell and that is because it used to be home to one of the country’s most closely guarded secrets; RAF Stanbridge.


Originally called RAF Leighton Buzzard, this picturesque site nestled in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside played a key role as a global communications centre throughout WWII and crucially during D-Day and the Battle of Britain.


Where the world was connected

Established in 1936, the original RAF Leighton Buzzard base was created to be the main Central Exchange and Wireless Telegraph station for the RAF’s telephone and telegraph network.


The small base with a big secret 

Today, the village of Stanbridge enjoys the peace and tranquillity of rural living, but the fascinating history of Rutherford Fields uncovers an era filled with top secrets and covert communication.


To anyone passing, this small and unassuming RAF base was like any other, but when its true identity was finally revealed, it was named as one of the most important logistical locations in the world.


Rutherford Fields may have been one of the RAF’s most important bases, but its now home to a range of luxury one & two bedroom apartments and two, three and four bedrooms houses.


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